Travel Insurance

Taking a week off from work? Travelling to someplace nice? But wait! Do you have travel insurance? If not, we recommend purchasing it. Travel insurance ensures that your trips are not ruined due to missed flights, lost luggage, emergency accommodations, etc. Any mishap or accident in a foreign country is sure to get you panicked, and without appropriate coverage in place, you won’t know what to do.

Island Insurance makes sure your dream vacation stays a vacation and takes care of any unexpected medical emergencies or mishaps during your trip.

What Do We Cover?

Lost Baggage

Lost baggage is a common problem. By having travel insurance, you can be at peace that the brokerage will reimburse you in the event of lost baggage for things you immediately or necessarily need. Clients can customize the value for each item, such as personal belongings, documents, money, etc.

Medical Expenses

If you get injured in an accident or fall sick, the insurance company will cover the medical expenses while you are on vacation. Even with a life and health insurance policy, many companies do not cover the cost of particular treatments and treatments in a foreign country’s medical facility. With travel insurance, you can ensure that you get the best treatment possible no matter where you are.

Trip Deposits

Suppose you have already made deposits for hotels and outdoor activities and need to cut your trip short or delay it due to some unforeseen circumstances. In that case, an insurance company will make sure your non-refundable trip deposits are safely returned to your bank account, so you don’t have to spend more than necessary.

Missed or Delayed Flight

Missed or delayed flights can put a damper on your vacation mood but not anymore. Island Insurance’s travel insurance policy makes sure you are reimbursed for your delayed or missed flight, and quick accommodations are made, so your vacations days are not wasted.

Travel Abandonment

Suppose you can’t make it to your destination due to reasons such as political unrest or natural disaster and have to abandon the vacation. In that case, the insurance company will reimburse you for all the trip deposits made.

Before purchasing a travel insurance policy, make sure it is best suited to your needs. To do that, consider the cost, coverage period, etc. Choose Island Insurance to make your trips safe and fun.


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