Auto Insurance

The worst thing that can happen to you while you drive your car is it breaking down in the middle of nowhere, with no help or mechanic in sight. Island Insurance provides auto insurance services to its clients to ensure theynever have to worry about their vehicles, no matter where they are.

Island Insurance offers basic auto and customizable auto care plans, where clients can devise a policy according to their needs and requirements.

What Do We Cover?

Courtesy Car Cover

Island Insurance will ensure you have a means of transport when your car is being repaired by our approved repairers following a valid claim. The courtesy car will be available to help you run errands and go to work. You can also use our courtesy car upgrade option to get a car similar to your current vehicle if it gets stolen.

Third-Party Liability

Island Insurance also covers third-party liability in case of accidents. If the accident is your fault, the brokerage company will cover the expenses of the medical injuries and damage caused to the third-party vehicles, but a certain amount only.

Auto Repairs

Avail Island Insurance auto services and benefit from repairs from approved auto mechanics after a car insurance claim. We want to ensure our clients never have to worry about their car breaking down in the middle of the road. We guarantee car repairs for as long as you own it.

Accident Benefits

Our basic auto plan covers many services, including accident benefits. No matter whose fault it might be, Island Insurances will pay for the medical expenses, along with the damage to your car and the lost wages of the driver and the passengers, ensuring that you have the best care possible at the time of distress.

Hit and Run Protection

If an uninsured driver damages your car, Island Insurance will cover the cost of the damage and the medical expenses. This is applicable to residents living in Surrey, BC.

ICBC Insurance

ICBC ensures that the government of British Columbia covers all the basic auto plan expenses. ICBC is the prime Auto Insurer in BC. You can also customize these packages and ensure you get the optimum care for your car. This insurance plan is optional and is provided at the best rates possible.

There are different auto insurance policies, and each covers different aspects of your motor vehicle. At Island Insurance, we make sure the client knows and understands each term and policy clearly before making the purchase. We also provide upgrades and extras, if needed, such as legal expenses, post-accident rehabilitation, foreign use, and more.


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