Commercial Insurance

A mishap, a lawsuit, or an accident can quickly shut down your business and prevent its growth. But by choosing Island Insurance’s commercial policy, you can protect your business and property from circumstances such as tenant liability, construction liability, and much more.

From retail to construction and restaurant, we cover all lines of insurance in Surrey, BC, to ensure your business grows without any problems.

What Do We Cover?

Retail Insurance

If you own a retail business, you can benefit from our commercial insurance policies and avail of different types of coverage. For example, you can protect your property and its contents from theft, fire, and vandalism. You can also protect your retail data from security hackers through cyber insurance.

Landlord Insurance

Landlords take a lot of risks when renting out their commercial properties for business or personal purposes. Thus, they need appropriate protection in place. For example, in case of a natural disaster, like fire, thunderstorms, winter storms, etc., Island Insurance will cover repair costs. The brokerage will also cover the loss of income when you cannot carry out daily operations following a disaster.

Construction Insurance

Since constructors use contractual agreements, they need contractual bonds to secure their jobs. Contractual bonds can help contractors protect their tools, equipment, commercial vehicle, job sites, and more from theft, vandalism, natural disaster, etc. There are 3 parties involved in contractual bonds, including the brokerage firm, the contractor, and the client.

Small Business Insurance

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people started home-based and small businesses to take advantage of the online buying market. But keep in mind that your home insurance policy will not cover any business-related liabilities, not even for a home-based business. Thus, it would be best to have a separate business policy in place. Island Insurance ensures your property, vehicle, and professional liability is covered. The brokerage also covers the loss of income due to natural disasters like fire, earthquakes, etc.

Liability Insurance

Your business can easily get sued on the grounds of perceived loss, bodily injuries, and property damage. Thus, you need to have adequate liability insurance in place and professionals to find you the best possible coverage. At Island Insurance, we offer personal liability, commercial liability, garage liability, tenant’s legal liability, and more.

Commercial liability provides coverage to a business for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage.

Don’t put your business at risk and get commercial insurance to protect your investment. Reach out to Island Insurance to clear out any confusion you might have.


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