Marine Insurance

Island Insurance is a leading marine insurance provider in Surrey, BC, Canada, with an extensive portfolio of marine coverage. At Island Insurance, we understand finding quality marine insurance in Surrey, BC, Canada, since BC operates slower. At Island Insurance, we save you time by providing insurance in Surrey that covers all of your essential needs.

Helping You Find the Best Solutions

Regardless of the insurance option you’re considering, we help our clients find the best possible options. Our boat insurance policies are highly flexible, and we offer several different extra coverage options that enable you to customize the level of protection you receive.

Whether you’re looking for insurance for a mid-sized sailboat, a smaller option, or even a luxury yacht, we’ll provide solutions that meet your requirements. We provide the best possible coverage at a premium that’s suited to your requirements.

How Boat Insurance Is Different than Other Kinds of Insurance

Marine insurance is different from auto insurance or home insurance since the policies included in the insurance can vary greatly. As your mobile brokers for all lines of insurance, it’s our job to determine how you can use your boat and the risks you’re going to be exposed to.

When you’re working with Island Insurance, you’ll have access to the marine industry’s leading insurers and be holistically familiar with the details and jargon included in your insurance policy. You’ll find the kind of support you’ll be getting from start to finish, and we’ll pair you with the best underwriters operating in the industry today.

The Steps You Need to Take

Your decision to go for marine insurance is crucial, and you should not take it lightly. Take your time to understand the implications involved and know the coverage you’re paying for. To ensure you’re familiar with every step involved in the process, we’re here to provide you with a side-by-side comparison of your current policy with the one we’ll offer to you, or you can also call us for a quote. We’re confident you’ll see the benefit of working with Island Insurance in no time!


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