Home Insurance

Do you want to protect your home and safeguard your properties from environmental hazards like floods, thunderstorms, or incidents like fire and theft? Then you need to avail of our home insurance services. Island Insurance offers a wide range of services to cover damages that might occur in case of an incident.

Our home insurance services are custom-designed according to your needs, and you can cover services like building and content insurance, condo insurance, living expenses, and liability issues.

What Do We Cover?

Building Insurance

This option protects and offers coverage for your property or building and any external structure associated with the building like a garage, shed, or walkways in case of any damage. The potential incidents include fire, flooding, or burst pipes. We also provide alternative housing or accommodation until repairs are done. Moreover, you can also benefit from owner liability coverage.

Contents Insurance

The contents of your home are equally valuable as the building itself. Island Insurance offers coverage in case of damage or theft of home contents like sofa, TV, clothing, electronics, and furniture. From gardening tools to business equipment, we ensure guaranteed repair and alternative accommodations until your house is restored.

Living Expenses

If you are going away for an extended period, chances are you need to cover the additional expenses. Well, you can avail Island Insurance’s home coverage services. We will cover the costs of hotels, storage, meals, and much more.

Liability Issues

You don’t have to worry about liability issues as this service is also included in our home insurance coverage. We offer protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage to people and/or property.

Tenant Insurance

Our home insurance services are also excellent for renters and tenants. It ensures all valuables and contents are protected in case of theft, vandalism, fire, flooding, and other external hazards. You can custom-create a package for yourself and include essential content, such as furniture, electronics, and more. We also offer personal liability coverage, if needed.

Condo Insurance

Like the home insurance policy, the condo insurance covers your property and allows you to add the valuable content that needs to be protected. We also cover losses due to flooding, fire, theft, and other external hazards.

Having home insurance is advisable for every individual that owns a property and valuable content that they want to protect at all costs. By using our home insurance policy services, you can benefit by saving yourself from substantial financial losses at unexpected times.  


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