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Home insurance from Island will get you the financial support you need in the event your house gets damaged, robbed, or if there are any claims made against you. Click here for more information.


For several people, opting for life insurance is a tough decision and feeling overwhelmed is okay. Life Insurance packages from Island Insurance can cover a range of different scenarios that you may be interested in. Click here for more information.


No matter how big or small your business is, commercial insurance is an integral element of every successful business. At Island Insurance, our best interests lie in your success. Click here for more information.

Bike Insurance

Even though every biker in Surrey, BC has to purchase some form of bike insurance from the ICBC, you can also go for more advanced options to ensure you and your family stay protected in unprecedented times. Click here for more information.


Island Insurance offers a range of commercial insurance products that protect you and your business from several kinds of losses. Be it an unforeseen circumstance or a claim. Click here for more information.


Even though we all love travelling, ensuring our fun-filled journeys across the world is an essential step of the process that we all tend to overlook often. Through options from Island Insurance, you can stay protected while exploring. Click here for more information.

Auto Insurance

Whether you’re trying to take out a mandatory insurance plan for your vehicles or you’re in the market looking for optional auto insurance, Island has the best options to help shorten the search process. Click here for more information.

ICBC Insurance

ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) is the prime Auto Insurer in B.C. Provincial crown cooperation offers auto insurance, driver licensing, road safety, vehicle registration, and other services.