Life Insurance

There are many life insurance policies out there, and finding the best one for yourself and your family can be complicated and overwhelming. Before purchasing a life insurance policy, you need to figure out the period, cost, what it covers, and much more. At Island Insurance, we make sure our clients’ requirements are met. We have a completely transparent onboarding process and offer multiple coverages.

What Do We Cover?

Critical Illness

The primary purpose of life insurance is to protect your family in the event of your death. If you are suffering from a critical illness, you can get life insurance to ensure your family inherits your finances and use it to pay off the house mortgage or spend it on their living expenses. Life insurance also covers death due to an accident, heart attack, suicide, etc. Island Insurance cares about you and your family and wants to provide you with the best care possible.

Mortgage Coverage

It’s best to think long-term and not leave your family worried at a time of distress. By opting for life insurance, your family can continue to pay off the mortgage as the benefits will be shifted to them.

Life insurance pays off the mortgage balance but keep in mind that the death benefit decreases in proportion to your mortgage balance.


At Island Insurance, we like to be prepared for any situation, and so do our clients. Suppose you suffer from an injury that results in a disability and prevents you from working. In that case, Island Insurance will reimburse you for the lost wages, so you and your family can have a peaceful and secure future.

Children’s policy

Island Insurance’s life insurance policy also covers financially dependent children. This enables you to secure your child’s future and help them cover the cost of any medical bills, injuries, and illnesses that might occur in the future. Your child will also have the option to buy additional life insurance and customize their insurance plan accordingly.

Term and Whole Life Insurance

Island Insurance offers both term and whole insurance policies. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends entirely on the client. Term policies are temporary and have a time limit. They have lower initial payments and can protect your family from a loss of income. However, they have no cash value.

In contrast, Whole life insurance provides guaranteed cash value accounts and coverage for as long as you pay the premiums. It is comparatively expensive than term life insurance.

Life insurance coverage is essential if you care about your family. At Island Insurance, we give our clients the option to customize their life insurance plans and add extras. Reach out to us if you have any questions. Remember: we are here for you!


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